Student Leadership Council

Undergraduate and graduate students make up a Student Leadership Council (SLC) that oversees student involvement in the Center for Neurotechnology. The council sponsors research seminars with student speakers and hosts informal luncheons with industry affiliates.

Students from the Council meet on a regular basis, participate in national and local science outreach events and review travel award applications. Council members serve as mentors for students involved in the center.

University of Washington SLC Officers

  • President: Courtnie Paschall
  • Vice President: Julien Bloch
  • Executive Assistant: Asad Beck
  • Treasurer: Richy Yun
  • Hackathon Coordinator: Pavithra Rajeswaran
  • Outreach Coordinator: Samantha Sun
  • Industry Liasons: Michael Nolan, Si Jia Li
  • Seminar Coordinators: Maneeshika Madduri, Zoe Steine-Hanson
  • Undergraduate Representatives: Kathryn Stangret, Bill Young, Manjari Anant, Chemay Shola


San Diego State University SLC Officers

  • President: Tri Nguyen
  • Vice President: Alexis Oyawale


Massachusetts Institure of Technology (MIT) SLC Officers